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The USO Big Band Flow

The event attracted tourists from far and wide. Dale Brittle and the Brooks Family engaged with visitors from places as close as Springfield and as far away as Ohio. Two members of the Newton Falls Ohio Historic Preservation Committee visited the USO event because the Bowling Green Town Hall was one of the original USO Buildings. Newton Read More…

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Caroline CERVEing Together

CERVE CERVE (Caroline Emergency Relief Through Volunteer Efforts) recently had a food pantry roundtable /symposium where they spoke about coordinating efforts in the county to help those who are “food insecure.”     Thank you for your interest in our local paper. To have access to our content, Please select a Subscription plan

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Habitat For Humanity Delivers A Presentation On Upcoming Resources To Our County

Jason Tickle from the Caroline Habitat For Humanity delivers a presentation about program or grant (523 Mutual Self Help Grant) that is about to be made available to citizens in our county. The rules or criteria for what makes some eligible for this program are not stringent, but they are particular. (There is a difference.) Read More…

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School Board News Highlights

  The invocation at last night School Board Meeting.   The pledge and anthem at our latest School Board Meeting delivered by our students from Lewis and Clark Elementary.   The new textbook adoption at our schools is the focus of this video. Special Note: At several points of this presentation they refer to Read More…