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Board Of Supervisors Provide Feedback To Mr. James

Congressional Liaison Eldon James Makes Introduction   Supervisor Long Provides Input To Mr. Eldon James   Supervisor Sili Provides Feedback To Mr. James Supervisor Thomas Provides Input To Mr. James Supervisors Black And Thomas Provide Mr. James Input Supervisor Sili Educates Us Regarding A Highly Technical Issue Thank you Read More…

Board of Supervisors News Politics

Board of Supervisors New or Unique Developments On September 11, 2018

Board Of Supervisors Discuss Service Agreement With Jail Authority   Jail Board Appointments Vote On Pay For Board Members Who Are Volunteers   Recognition For The Historical Society   Supervisor Long Comments and Hurricane Preparation Thank you for your interest in our local paper. To have access to our content, Read More…

Board of Supervisors News Politics

Familiar Issues From The Board Of Supervisors On September 11, 2018

The Board Discusses Pay for Constitutional Officers     Pay for Constitutional Officers (Part 2)   The Board Approves Mr. Sili’s Resolution To The Higher Legislative Body Board Approves Financing Of Debt For Capital Improvements   Questions And Follow Up For Fire Chief About Close Out Construction Discussion About School Read More…

Board of Supervisors News Politics

Opening Comments, Public Comments And The Bike Trail

  A Powerful 9/11 Invocation From Supervisor Long   Opening Comments From Supervisor Sili   Opening Comments From Supervisor Thomas Opening Comments From Supervisor Black Opening Comments Supervisor Underwood Supervisor Forehand Mentions A Potential Bike Trail Public Comments And Sunday School Union Issue     Thank you for your Read More…

Board of Supervisors News Politics

Mattaponi District Supervisors Meetings Highlights

From the perspective of the Virginia Connection, this was the most moving moment of the Supervisors Meeting. A father of six says thanks to the Board for getting him his job back. Pastor Marvin L. Gilliam Jr., of Mount Oni Baptist Church delivers stirring words regarding the immigration issue at the last supervisor meeting. Weighty words from Read More…

Board of Supervisors News Politics

The Loves Truck Stop Expansion

We often hear negative stories about government. Just recently our local government was lambasted for a tough decision that they made regarding the local jail. However in the video below, you see the best of government by the people and for the people.   The Love’s Truck Stop wanted to expand their parking lot to Read More…

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Mattaponi District Supervisor Floyd Thomas

Part of our site will include a podcast. Our podcast will interview different personalities within Caroline County. We start off with the Mattaponi District Supervisor Floyd Thomas. Thank you for your interest in our local paper. To have access to our content, Please select a Subscription plan


Peumansend Creek Regional Jail Makes National News

‪Here is our follow-up to the DHS facility issue:‬ ‪- We are following up with the county’s attorney regarding the ACLU’s allegation.‬ ‪- We are asking the ACLU to get more specific regarding the allegation. ‬ ‪- We are asking the VA Attorney General to weigh in‬ ‪- We have contacted DHS for more info‬ Read More…