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STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act

Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Brian Schatz (D-HI) have proposed the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act (S.3157). The act is an attempt to neuter municipalities of local zoning rights and reduces standard reviews. To review the controversial proposal click here:   In the video below, Supervisor Jeff Sili proposes that the Board proactively restrains Read More…

Board of Supervisors News

Habitat For Humanity Secures Funding

Jason Tickle from the Caroline County Chapter of Habitat For Humanity is doing incredible almost supernatural work! He is in the process of securing funding for grants that would improve or develop properties in the county. Last night (August 14th, 2018) the Board of Supervisors expeditiously voted to financially support a portion of H4H’s projects Read More…

Board of Supervisors News

Fire Volunteers Voice Their Concerns

Public Disagreement Between Our Fire Volunteers And Our Fire Chief At A Caroline County Board Of Supervisor Meeting on 8/14/2018   The following video is a compilation of public comments made by volunteers at the department and officials representing Chief Loftus. The end of this video features comments from the Supervisors and our County Administrator Read More…

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Financing Proposal For School Board Was Approved

After many understandable questions, some confusion and much consternation the Board of Supervisors approved a financing proposal for the School Board to enter into an Energy performance contract. The contract will convert the Middle School’s heating boilers, thousands of light fixtures, cooking appliance gas apertures, and the building’s environmental control system. A $103,000 down payment Read More…

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Meadow Event Park Planning Big Things For The Summer Of 2019

Great News! A Huge Musical Event Is Coming To Meadow Event Park(near the county line) for August 2019. 20,000 estimated The actual acts are unconfirmed but a very thorough event promoter is involved and the event looks promising. (His Special Use Permit was approved with little fanfare.)   Thank you for your interest in our Read More…


Barrel Racing Highlights

Have You Ever Heard About Barrel Racing?   Well, we attended for you, here is a clip.   Fun events like this are occurring near our county border at the Farm Bureau.     Thank you for your interest in our local paper. To have access to our content, Please select a Subscription plan