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A Preview To Caroline’s Promise Entrepreneurial Event (Click Here For Video)

Caroline’s Promise is having an entrepreneurial event at the Caroline Community Center on Saturday. Here is a preview to the wonderful vendors that they will feature! Thank you for your interest in our local paper. To have access to our content, Please select a Subscription plan

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2018 Veterans Coverage (Click Here For Video)

Part 1 To See Our Kids Sing Their Hearts Out. Part 2 Our kids educated us about the Korea War, Korea, the 38th Parallel!!! They also sang for us: The Army Goes Rolling Along The Marine Corps Hymn Anchors Aweig h(Navy) Semper Paratus (Coast Guard) Off We Go (Air Force) Part 3 Comments from School Board Read More…

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A Reminder Not To Take Yourself To Seriously (Click Here For Video)

We normally only post Caroline County news, but we thought these Richmond Reporters might make you smile. This is Eric Philips and Karla Redditte.   Editorial Comment: Sometimes good character can be seen by how we laugh at our mistakes. Thank you for your interest in our local paper. To have access to our content, Read More…

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Oxford Mt. Zion Baptist Church Celebrates 150 Years Of Service

Regardless of your faith, a church in our county celebrating 150 years of service is news. A church founded from former slaves after the Civil War is now prospering both spiritually and physically in the 21st Century.   Oxford Mount Zion Baptist Church on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 celebrated their 150th anniversary. Here is a Read More…

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Editorial Comment: Reflections On Yesterday’s Election

Editorial Comment: As we finished voting late Tuesday Evening, the skies were lit up by the most beautiful sunset accompanied with a rainbow not captured by these photographs. An unidentified citizen walked by me and said, “I think that’s God letting us know, that no matter who wins…we are going to be alright. He is Read More…